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Photograph of framed skyline artwork with a FedEx shipping box
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Figure Drawing of a nude male standing facing rear
Nude Male, Pencil on paper, 11" x 14"
This is a drawing from a famous photograph by a Hollywood celebrity photographer that is widely seen all over the Internet. This lovely image has great appeal for me in that it works the contrast between light and dark so well without sacrificing the beauty of the male figure. So often in working with light and dark figure images the figures are lost or made indiscernible due to sell skilled handling of the light, whereas this is not the case whatsoever at all here.
Stephen F. Condren ~ Artist

Education & Professional Credentials

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Bachelors of Fine Arts, BFA

Northwestern University, Internship, MS

Northern Illinois University, Masters of Studio Arts, MSA

Northern Illinois University, Masters of Educational Administration, MS Ed.

School Principal ~ Type #75 Educational Administration Certificate, Endorsement: Principal

Type #09 Teacher's Certificate, Secondary Education, and Endorsements: Art, German, Spanish, English, World History, and American History

Type #34 Certificate, Provisional Vocational Certificate, Endorsements: Architectural Drafting, Applied Technology, Printing & Graphic Communications

Veteran • United States Navy • USS Midway CV-41

Photograph of large skyline prints next to a small matted print
Photograph of large skyline prints with a FedEx box and shipping tube
Watercolor house portrait with pen & ink used for Realtor closing gifts
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Photograph of a skyine painting on a living room wall Photograph of oil landscapes in office behind two secretaries
Charcoal drawing of a young naked cowboy leaning against a pole wearing his Texas 10 gallon hat as he looks down Pen & ink line portrait of famous male model Bryce Thompson
Pen & ink drawing of a bar tender pouring drinks in a darkly lit bar
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Image of Realtor Office Postings for house portraits
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